City Guide: Berlin


Germans love their bread! Start with an homemade cinnamon roll from bio bakery Zeit für Brot.

Berlin is a city of hidden courtyards. Lunch with local ingredients Chipperfield Kantine, the secret canteen of the eponymous architect.

Part restaurant, part ceramics workshop, likely Berlin’s best kimchi. Hard to go wrong with diner at NaNum, close to Headline’s office.


Anything on the Museum Island. Off the beaten path, check-out a private contemporary art collection in a converted bunker (Sammlung Boros) or graffiti and offsite nature at Teufelsberg, an uphill former NSA spy station.

Head to Berlin’s old settlement Rixdorf for a beer in a former horse stable at Zosse Bar or an herbal cocktail from Herr Lindemann.


Next to the Zoo, check out Bikini Berlin, a concept shopping mall with wares from local designers. Bonus: sunset drinks and views from Monkey Bar on the top floor.


Escape to Schlosshotel Berlin (designed by Karl Lagerfeld) or stay downtown at new classic Das Stue.