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Nicole Clark and Alon Shwartz

Co-Founders of Trellis

Landscape Map: Shopify's growth creates new markets

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Deposit Solutions + Raisin: Rivals Build Giant

Written by Andreas Haug

The Story of Headline

Headline is an expression of the many eyes that make up our global perspective. It is our full-conviction, full-lifecycle commitment. It is the energy we gain from our relationships, and hope to spread around the world.

This Week’s Top Seed Companies to Watch — Banked, GraphCMS, Daily, ReturnLogic, Zynbit

We see about 5,000 startups each week, and I want to give you a glimpse into how we at e.ventures think about trending tech companies and tracking new investment opportunities.

This Week’s Top Seed Companies to Watch — Checkly, Finom, Wise, LittleData

A weekly newsletter highlighting the top seed companies that have announced or raised a seed round within the past week.

e.ventures Congratulates Segment on its $3.2B Acquisition by Twilio!

e.ventures congratulates the Segment team on today’s announcement of its $3.2B acquisition by Twilio (NYSE: TWLO).