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3. Magic Number and Rule of 40… Helpful, For Now

Financial ratios (link) are partially helpful in allowing entrepreneurs and executives to benchmark SaaS companies by which to shape their own company’s growth.

4. ‘Burn Productivity’… A Consistently Better Signaler of SaaS Valuation

The prior analysis showed that while valuation is nicely correlated to Magic Number and Rule of 40 as of 1Q 2020, the correlation hasn’t necessarily held up over time and as companies scale.

5. How Does Burn Productivity Drive SaaS Valuation?… A Practical Example

Venture Capitalists are renown for valuations that are often grounded in significant subjectivity that defy typical valuation methodologies — my Partner at e.ventures, Brendan Wales, has written extensively about the difference in the evolution from Perceived Value at the early-stage (i.e. pre Series B) to Intrinsic Value at the later stages (Series B onwards).

This Week’s Top Seed Companies to Watch —api.video, Locomation, Calibrate, Pragli, Karat

We see about 5,000 startups each week, and I want to give you a glimpse into how we at e.ventures think about trending tech companies and tracking new investment opportunities.

Past Performance is No Guarantee for Future Results: Tik Tok and Its Rise Through the App Store

Sometimes the results are far greater than what you can predict. Here is our story on TikTok and an important lesson learned.

This Week’s Top Seed Companies to Watch — Carewell, Fritz.ai, Yaguara, Kaizo, Helm.ai

A weekly newsletter highlighting the top seed companies that have announced or raised a seed round within the past week.