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We invest with all of our conviction, leading rounds at every stage.
  • “So diverse in terms of the characters—there’s a German word, paradiesvögel.”—Christian Gaiser, Cosi, Germany

  • “If I was kidnapped...he’d fly out and try to save the situation. He’s like an investing superhero.” —Noah Kerner, Acorns, US

  • “It feels like we are in control, and that’s how it should feel.” —Holger Seim, Blinkist, Germany

  • “I actually feel motivated to share candidly with them.” —Ashot Iskandarian, Shopmonkey, US

  • “I was flying home…so they met me at the Starbucks outside of security.” —Bianca Padilla, Carewell, US

  • “Other funds get panicky...they have a mentality of 'ah we'll fix it'.” —Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, Karma, Sweden