Announcing IVS2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU Finalists (Japan)

Meet the promising startups who will be taking the stage Friday, November 19

IVS LAUNCHPAD is one of the largest pitch competitions in Japan, and over 400 startups have stood on the LAUNCHPAD stage. The first IVS LAUNCHPAD was held in 2007 and over 5,000 startups have applied for an opportunity to pitch to an esteemed panel of judges over the years. Numerous startups compete to win in IVS LAUNCHPAD, but only one will take home the number one spot.

On Friday, November 19 at IVS NASU, the finalists are going to pitch and compete for the top spot in front of a panel of judges, including investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. LAUNCHPAD has even established a fund for seed fundraising to help startups develop their businesses, and supports startups in a multitude of ways, including community-building, networking, recruiting, and even sales analysis for data-driven management.

This year, 14 finalists, selected from about 150 applicants, will give a six minute pitch on their products and their passion for their business. These startups underwent a rigorous screening process to get to where they are today, so that alone is worth a congratulations.

Below are the finalists at IVS2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU in alphabetical order. Now, let’s meet the contestants.


1. Any: Kazufumi Yoshida

Knowledge management cloud service “Qast,” the best solution for knowledge management that has been an issue for 30 years.

2. Azit: Yoshikane Hiromasa

CREW Express, an easy and flexible way to organize your last-mile delivery.

... More to come.

More to follow...