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All About DAO (Part V): DAO Infrastructure and Tools

The last part of our DAO series contains the tools that are currently most often used by DAOs. Since there is no hierarchy in the voting aspect of DAOs, members rely on computer programs to carry the weight. The top three social media apps (Discord, Twitter, and Telegram) that came on top didn't raise any eyebrows but the fourth one did.

All about DAO (Part IV): Strengths & Weaknesses of DAO

Previously in our piece about DAO as an Investment Vehicle, based on Headline Asia’s research, there are about 240 active DAOs worldwide, which is a 100 percent increase from 2020. Ideally, DAO could be a perfect substitution for all the existing organizational structures.

All About DAO (Part III): DAO as an Operational Project

As decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) continue to gain steam around the world, numerous use cases for these organizations also continue to emerge. Last time, we examined DAOs that are run as investment vehicles. This time, we will share all about operation DAOs that are completely reinventing the wheel when it comes to running projects — or companies.

All About DAO (Part I): Decision Making in a Decentralized World

In this series, we will compare different types of DAO with specific examples, examine the difference between DAO and traditional organizations in a deep analysis, clarify some misunderstandings, and explore the future potential of DAO, so be sure to stay tuned.