Meet the top five startups who have amazed 400 Japanese business leaders in NASU.

Announcing the Winners of IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU


An invitation-only event for CEOs from all over Japan, IVS LAUNCHPAD, has led to a number of business opportunities, including fundraising, IPO, and M&A. The LAUNCHPAD Finalists have been able to collectively raise up to 300 billion, with the exception of Kauche, who has single-handedly raised JPY $810 million right before 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU.

In 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU, winners are selected from 14 finalists who went through a series of strict screening processes. Talented people, amazing ideas, and great businesses made it extremely hard to decide the winners. Let’s see the final decision made by our judges, who have rich experiences as investors, business managers, or entrepreneurs.

The 5th Place: Kazufumi Yoshida, Any

Knowledge management cloud service “Qast,” the best solution for knowledge management that has been an issue for 30 years.

The 4th Place: Reiji Kobayashi, HAKKI AFRICA

Changing how credits work. A specialized “buy now, pay later” service for used cars in Africa.

The 3rd Place: Takanori Ono, VALT JAPAN

“NEXT HERO,” a DX platform focused on people with employment difficulties.

The 2nd Place: Takashi Okita, Nudge

“Nudge,” a next-generation co-branded credit card that can be issued even you plan to issue only one card.

The 1st Place: Eri Fukuda, SHE

“SHElikes,” Japan’s largest career service for millennial women. Helping you create your own work style.

Finalists at IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU

Finalists at IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU

Congratulations to the five winners at 2021 IVS LAUNCHPAD NASU! This year, we had the opportunity to witness talents throughout Japan. Peter Rothenberg from Best Beer Japan, Hida Yosei from Mobile Order Lab, Yutaro Akiyama from Canly, Eri Kohinata from Pinpinkorori, Yoshikane Hiromasa from Azit, Shinsuke Oyama fromSpir, Shujiro Ishizawa from TIME MACHINE, Yoshihiro Takahashi from Pricing Studio, and Nojiri Kota from Kivapitched their powerful business ideas with passion. We are looking forward to the future and seeing the powerful changes they will bring to the world.

*Part of this article was translated from Japanese

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