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Check Out LAUNCHPAD 2020 Winner Kaminashi’s Brilliant Pitch Deck

Kaminashi eliminates paperwork and digitalizes field workers’ work using a no-code solution.

See SHE’s Winning Pitch Deck From IVS2021 NASU LAUNCHPAD

This is the second woman-led startup to win in the history of LAUNCHPAD.

Announcing the Winners of IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU

Meet the top five startups who have amazed 400 Japanese business leaders in NASU.

All of LAUNCHPAD Finalists Exits and Funding

LAUNCHPAD finalists have raised over 300 billion yen.

LAUNCHPAD Winners: Where Are They Now?

We’re following up on the amazing achievements made by the latest three LAUNCHPAD winners.

Introducing Headline Asia’s New Advisor, Koichi Maruo

It’s our honor to announce that Koichi Maruo joined Headline Asia as Advisor on June 1, 2021.

Founder Spotlight of 207: Shinya Takayanagi

Shinya Takayanagi is one of the winners of IVS LAUNCHPAD. Focused on solving last-mile delivery pain points, 207 Inc. is the new star in the Japanese logistics industry.

Founder Spotlight of Xen Capital: Katrina Cokeng

Headline Asia lead the round in Xen Capital’s Series A. In honor of this monumental moment, we decided to feature co-founder Katrina Cokeng as the latest subject in our Founder Spotlight series.

A Conversation With Akihiko Okamoto

We’re thrilled to announce that Akihiko Okamoto will be joining our Tokyo office as our new Partner at Headline Asia. A little background on Mr. Okamoto is that he was the former Executive Officer in charge of R&D of Recruit Holdings.