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Friendly Technology: the Way CO-NECT is Upgrading B2B Order and Supply Management — Part I

CO-NECT, a B2B order and supply system invested in by Headline Asia in June 2022 is revolutionizing conventional order management in Japan.

Friendly Technology: the Way CO-NECT is Upgrading B2B Order and Supply Management — Part II

In this article, Headline Asia Partner Akihiko Okamoto explores the mission and next step of CO-NECT, a B2B order and supply solution invested in June 2022.

7 Investing and Startup Podcasts the Headline Asia Team Recommend

Here are our picks for podcasts this year and our favorite way of tuning into the tech, business, and startup world.

Introducing Headline Asia’s New Advisor, Koichi Maruo

It’s our honor to announce that Koichi Maruo joined Headline Asia as Advisor on June 1, 2021.

Headline Asia’s Partner Hong Lu Gives His Best Piece of Investment Advice

Hong Lu, Headline Asia's partner tells us his greatest successes and regrets and what he wishes he knew at the beginning of his career.

From Joe’s Desk: MetaSaaS and Music’s Future in the Metaverse

Our partner Joe Huang shares his contemplations about entertainment and the metaverse from the front row of a Justin Bieber virtual concert.

The Biggest and Best Tech Conferences Around the World and How to Network Them

Partner Akihiko Okamoto and Investor Jonathan M. Hayashi discuss how to best land a deal at a conference.

3 VCs Weigh In on Venture Building

Our Partner Joseph Huang talks with Matt Cheng from Cherubic Ventures and Jamie Lin from AppWorks about growing startups.

From Joe’s Desk: MetaSaaS and Music’s Future In the Metaverse II

Join Joseph Huang, Headline Asia's partner as he talks about Metaverse and how it's connected to one of his favorite books "A Song for a New Day" and his thoughts on the future of VCs.

7 Must-Read Books from Headline Partners

Following up on our investment podcasts article, the Headline Asia team shares the seven best books for you to start your new year right. With more people working remotely and spending more time looking at screens than ever, now might be the perfect time to set down your phones and pick up a book.

A Conversation With Akihiko Okamoto

We’re thrilled to announce that Akihiko Okamoto will be joining our Tokyo office as our new Partner at Headline Asia. A little background on Mr. Okamoto is that he was the former Executive Officer in charge of R&D of Recruit Holdings.