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IVS2024 KYOTO: Cross the Boundaries

IVS & IVS Crypto 2024 is taking place in KYOTO from July 4 - 7 at Pulse Plaza, Kyoto (京都パルスプラザ )

Meet LAUNCHPAD Entertainment’s Winners

A hearty congratulations to all of the winners!

Introducing IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU Judges

Meet the all-star panel who will be deciding the winner for IVS2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU.

CEO of IVS Toshiaki Shimakawa On Why He Chose to Hold IVS2021 in NASU

The story behind IVS’ offline return after the pandemic.

Announcing LAUNCHPAD Entertainment’s Finalists

Announcing LAUNCHPAD Entertainment’s Finalists

We Look At freee K.K.’s Winning Pitch Deck for LAUNCHPAD 2013

We share freee K.K.’s early pitch deck and how we knew they were destined for greatness.

Announcing the Winners of IVS2022 LAUNCHPAD NAHA

Founded in 2007, IVS LAUNCHPAD select winning pitches from 250 applicants.

We Look At ecbo’s Winning Pitch Deck for IVS LAUNCHPAD 2017

Ecbo Cloak allows users to reserve luggage storage with an app.

Check Out LAUNCHPAD 2020 Winner Kaminashi’s Brilliant Pitch Deck

Kaminashi eliminates paperwork and digitalizes field workers’ work using a no-code solution.

See SHE’s Winning Pitch Deck From IVS2021 NASU LAUNCHPAD

This is the second woman-led startup to win in the history of LAUNCHPAD.

Announcing the Winners of IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU

Meet the top five startups who have amazed 400 Japanese business leaders in NASU.

All of LAUNCHPAD Finalists Exits and Funding

LAUNCHPAD finalists have raised over 300 billion yen.