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Owning Real Estate in the Metaverse

Follow along from the perspective of Headline's Partner Joe Huang as he highlights the importance of the metaverse and the opportunities that it can offer.

Beyond the Metaverse: Yield Guild Games is Changing Lives in Southeast Asia

YGG’s impact extends outside of play-to-earn games.

How is GameFi Different from RMT? The Rising Trend in SEA and Japan

The cryptocurrency industry saw its reuptation, money, talent, and media attention skyrocket within the past two years largely because of a new ecosystem known as GameFi- find out more with us!

Join us for the 28th edition of Infinity Venture Summit in Japan

IVS Crypto is the first crypto conference held by Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) and Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS), the largest C-level startup conference in Japan.