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LAUNCHPAD Winners: Where Are They Now?

We’re following up on the amazing achievements made by the latest three LAUNCHPAD winners.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part I

Most startups in Japan exit by IPO, or going public. And 2021 was the year in which we witnessed some major changes in Japan’s IPO market.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part II

Among the investors that invest in companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, about 28~31 percent are foreign investors.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part III

The market cap (the value of the company) at IPO is getting higher. In 2020, no company had a market cap at IPO over JPY 10 billion, but in 2021, there were five.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part IV

There are some qualitative changes that would also change the dynamics of Japan’s IPO market.

Founder Spotlight of Intellect: Theodoric Chew

Theodoric Chew, Co-Founder and CEO of Intellect tells us the rapid growth process of Intellect and the importance of mental health care.

The youth are leaving Facebook. Four new social networks you should look at.

Newborn social media game-changers are coming.

Founder Spotlight of ICW: Gary Lam

Founded in 2016, ICW (International Compliance Workshop) connects global retailers, manufacturers, and TIC providers to reduce supply chain hassles in worldwide sourcing and digitalizing the supply chain process.

Introducing Headline Asia’s New Advisor, Koichi Maruo

It’s our honor to announce that Koichi Maruo joined Headline Asia as Advisor on June 1, 2021.

Headline Asia’s Partner Hong Lu Gives His Best Piece of Investment Advice

Hong Lu, Headline Asia's partner tells us his greatest successes and regrets and what he wishes he knew at the beginning of his career.

We Have Big News

As of May 10, Infinity Ventures in Asia and e.ventures in the US and Europe have rebranded together as Headline. Moving forward, Infinity Venture’s existing offices in Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo will be known as Headline Asia. Headline will also have offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, and São Paulo.

The Biggest and Best Tech Conferences Around the World and How to Network Them

Partner Akihiko Okamoto and Investor Jonathan M. Hayashi discuss how to best land a deal at a conference.