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Founders Spotlight of forest: Akira Michael Takahashi

In order to create world-class Japanese brands, Shingo Yuhara, Masafumi Nishizawa, and Michael (Akira) Takahashi are building foundations for sustainable growth, helping e-commerce entrepreneurs solve business challenges, and building comprehensive teams capable of supporting a wide range of business needs.

The Rise of Avatars in the Metaverse

These companies are creating avatars that can be used across platforms in the Metaverse.

Why Now? Examining Japan’s Late Adoption of Audio Content

Find out how podcasting in Japan may finally be taking off.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part I

Most startups in Japan exit by IPO, or going public. And 2021 was the year in which we witnessed some major changes in Japan’s IPO market.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part II

Among the investors that invest in companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, about 28~31 percent are foreign investors.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part III

The market cap (the value of the company) at IPO is getting higher. In 2020, no company had a market cap at IPO over JPY 10 billion, but in 2021, there were five.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part IV

There are some qualitative changes that would also change the dynamics of Japan’s IPO market.

Founder Spotlight of ICW: Gary Lam

Founded in 2016, ICW (International Compliance Workshop) connects global retailers, manufacturers, and TIC providers to reduce supply chain hassles in worldwide sourcing and digitalizing the supply chain process.

3 VCs Weigh In on Venture Building

Our Partner Joseph Huang talks with Matt Cheng from Cherubic Ventures and Jamie Lin from AppWorks about growing startups.

Founder Spotlight of FUELHASH: Katsuya Konno

Headline Asia has invested in FUELHASH’s seed round in January 2022. FUELHASH is a crypto mining business that sells and operates some of the world’s most advanced mining machines.

Landscape Map: Bookkeeping becomes understandable

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Nicole Clark and Alon Shwartz

Co-Founders of Trellis