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Founders Spotlight of forest: Akira Michael Takahashi

In order to create world-class Japanese brands, Shingo Yuhara, Masafumi Nishizawa, and Michael (Akira) Takahashi are building foundations for sustainable growth, helping e-commerce entrepreneurs solve business challenges, and building comprehensive teams capable of supporting a wide range of business needs.

Founder Spotlight of Buyandship: Sheldon Li

Cross-border shipping had many issues that needed to be tackled such as lack of delivery safety, high import costs, and huge price differences across the border. In this Founders Spotlight, we will highlight the founder, Sheldon Li, and how Buyandship decided to solve this complex issue.

Women Founders I: Pinpinkorori, Radiotalk, and Spider Labs

Three Japanese founders of women-led companies share how they overcame their hardships.

Founder Spotlight of Gliacloud: Agnes Peng

Agnes is a mom, a wife, a CEO of GliaStudio - an award-winning AI-powered video production platform. We believe that with GliaCloud, the world can save more time on editing and focus more on content creation, and we invested in them in 2017.

Landscape Map: The Rise of Vertical Biz Management Software

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Work, Reinvented

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Restaurants fight for independence

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Shopify's growth creates new markets

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Julie Wainwright

Founder of The RealReal

e.ventures Congratulates Segment on its $3.2B Acquisition by Twilio!

e.ventures congratulates the Segment team on today’s announcement of its $3.2B acquisition by Twilio (NYSE: TWLO).