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Founder Spotlight of Intellect: Theodoric Chew

Theodoric Chew, Co-Founder and CEO of Intellect tells us the rapid growth process of Intellect and the importance of mental health care.

The youth are leaving Facebook. Four new social networks you should look at.

Newborn social media game-changers are coming.

We Have Big News

As of May 10, Infinity Ventures in Asia and e.ventures in the US and Europe have rebranded together as Headline. Moving forward, Infinity Venture’s existing offices in Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo will be known as Headline Asia. Headline will also have offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, and São Paulo.

Embedded Finance Part IV: Credit-as-a-Service

Some Lending-as-a-Service providers can approve your loan in a matter of minutes.

Embedded Finance Part II: Banking Enablers and Banking-As-A-Service

Just as there are e-commerce enablers such as Shopify, Shopee, PayPal, Wix.com, there are a growing number of banking enablers in the finance world. Banking enablers focus on providing the technological aspect of banking services, so their clients can concentrate on acquiring and serving customers.

Intro to FinTech Enablers & Embedded Finance

Industries develop over time and when they mature, they tend to become more specialized. That’s what is currently happening with the FinTech industry and financial service in general. It’s entering a new phase of division and specialization.

Landscape Map: Bookkeeping becomes understandable

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Shopify's growth creates new markets

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Europe’s largest B round: Why we invested in Sorare

Written by Christian Miele and Dominic Wilhelm

Deposit Solutions + Raisin: Rivals Build Giant

Written by Andreas Haug

Europe Fancies itself some Convenience

Written by Yusuf Jahani