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Introducing Headline’s New Advisor in Asia, Koichi Maruo

It’s our honor to announce that Koichi Maruo joined the Headline team in Asia as Advisor on June 1, 2021.

We Have Big News

As of May 10, Infinity Ventures in Asia and e.ventures in the US and Europe have rebranded together as Headline. Moving forward, Infinity Venture’s existing offices in Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo will be known as Headline Asia. Headline will also have offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, and São Paulo.

The Biggest and Best Tech Conferences Around the World and How to Network Them

Partner Akihiko Okamoto and Investor Jonathan M. Hayashi discuss how to best land a deal at a conference.

3 VCs Weigh In on Venture Building

Our Partner Joseph Huang talks with Matt Cheng from Cherubic Ventures and Jamie Lin from AppWorks about growing startups.

Embedded Finance Part IV: Credit-as-a-Service

Some Lending-as-a-Service providers can approve your loan in a matter of minutes.

Landscape Map: Bookkeeping becomes understandable

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: HR Made Simple(r)

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Work, Reinvented

Written by Jonathan Userovici

Landscape Map: Shopify's growth creates new markets

Written by Jonathan Userovici