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Headline Will Be Discovering New FinTech Stars at HK FinTech Week 2021

November 1 to November 5, 2021, we’ll be looking for the next big thing at one of the top FinTech events around the world.

All of the Virtual Banks of Asia in 2021 So Far

This rising trend is changing the way we bank.

Introducing IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU Judges

Meet the all-star panel who will be deciding the winner for IVS2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU.

Why US-Listed Chinese Companies Are Fleeing for Hong Kong

Numerous Chinese companies are seeking listings in Hong Kong.

Move Over Wall-E: The Future of Delivery is Kiwibot

Find out how Kiwibot is changing food delivery services using only autonomous bots.

Women Founders I: Pinpinkorori, Radiotalk, and Spider Labs

Three Japanese founders of women-led companies share how they overcame their hardships.

What Can Tracy Lin Do with 80 Million Rides? Taiwan’s Next Superapp

Tracy Lin, CEO of Taiwan Taxi, is taking the industry giant into the digital era.

Announcing the Winners of IVS 2021 LAUNCHPAD NASU

Meet the top five startups who have amazed 400 Japanese business leaders in NASU.

All of LAUNCHPAD Finalists Exits and Funding

LAUNCHPAD finalists have raised over 300 billion yen.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part I

Most startups in Japan exit by IPO, or going public. And 2021 was the year in which we witnessed some major changes in Japan’s IPO market.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part II

Among the investors that invest in companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, about 28~31 percent are foreign investors.

A Look into the Evolving IPO Landscape in Japan — Part III

The market cap (the value of the company) at IPO is getting higher. In 2020, no company had a market cap at IPO over JPY 10 billion, but in 2021, there were five.